Asphire- A Lifeline For Blue Collar and Grey Collar Job Industry

Owing to transform the blue-collar and white-collar job industry, Asphire Jobs is an online portal that caters to related 25 different job profiles. The main objective of genesis of this portal is to make the job hunting process efficient by providing the excellent recruitment services and connecting all the four stakeholders of recruitment industry- consultants, job seekers, skill development agencies and employers.

It is a beneficial portal for nation’s growth and has various benefits such as:

Personalized Job Posting

Employers and consultants can post their specific job requirements with multiple choice screening questions that are particularly designed keeping in mind the job category.

Wide Database

We are equipped with a wide database of right candidates through on-ground vendors, newspaper ads, radio commercials, events, job fairs and data collection centres.


Economical Solutions

Our hiring plans are the most in recruitment industry. We have an automated promotion system that taps the potential job seekers and hence makes the recruitment process more efficient and economical as well.

 Replacement Options & Guaranteed Hire

Our exclusive replacement and guaranteed hiring plans are meticulously crafted to provide you the seamless and hassle free services. Retention program includes the insurance coverage of worth INR 75,000 to uphold the recruitment process.

Register now with Jobs in Asphire and leverage the benefits.

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Know About Online Job Portals

Gone are the days when people had to go office to office to find a suitable job. With the wave of technology development, online recruitment trend paved the new way that is beneficial for both employees and employers. Finding a job or hiring is now a way lot easier, quicker and hassle free with the evolution of online job portals.

Online job portals have become an indispensable mode of communication for both job seekers and job providers. Competition among online job portals encourages these online recruitment agencies to provide reliable and instant services.

Online Job Portal

Unlike other job portals that connect only job seeker and job provider, Asphire has been conceived with the sole aim of connecting all the stakeholders related to hiring. While registering with online job portals, job seekers do not have to shell out any money. It is a user-friendly portal which is easily accessible. The candidates have to just register with the portal or give a missed call at the given number to make their profile public.

Based on basic algorithm, the results are driven depending on the desired interests, skill sets, locations, salary and more. Undoubtedly, the online job portals in India have revolutionized the quest of hiring with minimum efforts and maximum benefits. If you are a job seeker or a job provider, get started with now and find what you want.

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How To Improve Your Selling Success?

Sales Executive

Sales executive jobs often seem boring and monotonous to most of the people. Only few people love selling and do their job tremendously. So, here is the compilation of some tips that can help you improve your skills as a sales executive:

Be Creative At Your Job

A well-written script is great but it is always best to pick the basics from it and then add creativity to it. Your added creativity, enthusiasm and charisma will do all the magic and customer will pay attention to what you want to say.

Sell With Confidence

Confidence is the key to success to every thing. Being confident about your product, company and skills will help you to sell a product. Your upgrades knowledge about the product and competitors will add value to it.

Honest Is The Best Policy

It is always a bad idea to lie to customers. Being a sales executive, you may be desperate for a sale but do not commit what you cannot deliver. Make your customer well informed which he or she need to know about the product.

Quality Assurance

Every sales executive claim his or her product the best. Assure your customer by competing with the best and you will definitely nail it. Know your positives and negatives both so that you can sell it in a smarter way.

The aforementioned tips and tricks can help you a lot to get better as a sales executive. Irrespective of the number of years of experience in a particular field, one should not stop learning and growing.

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